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Every Student's Handbook on Values, Sexuality and Drug Education in A New World Order

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  • For example, healthcare providers and certain other individuals are required to notify law enforcement when someone seeks treatment for injuries caused by a violent crime, including sexual assault. Anyone who at first utilizes a confidential resource may later decide to make a report to a non-confidential resource, such as the Title IX Office or law enforcement.

    Limited Confidential Resource Individuals who work at the Project Safe Center, including front desk staff and graduate assistants, can generally talk to any person impacted by sexual misconduct without revealing any personally identifying information about an incident to others within the University. Without disclosing personally identifying information about the victim, the Project Safe Center will notify the Title IX Office of the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident.

    This notification helps keep the Title IX Office informed of the general extent and nature of sexual violence on and off campus, and allows for tracking patterns, evaluating the scope of the problem, and formulating appropriate campus-wide responses. Project Safe Center staff can assist in providing additional information, including potentially identifying information, to the Title IX Office, if the victim so wishes.

    Project Safe Center staff can assist a victim with interim remedial and protective measures; however, the provision of interim measures that involve a non-confidential University department or impact another person may require the disclosure of identifying information to the relevant department and person as well as the Title IX Office. While Project Safe Center staff may maintain a victim's confidentiality vis-a-vis the University, they may have reporting obligations under state and federal law, which include:.

    The information reported may result in the issuance of a timely warning or security notice to the community, but the warning will not include any information that identifies the victim. For more information about the services provided by the Project Safe Center and for contact information for Project Safe Center staff, please visit the website. Responsible Employees Who Are Mandatory Reporters Under Title IX A responsible employee is a Vanderbilt employee who has a duty to report all alleged violations of this policy to the Title IX Office because the employee has the authority to address sexual misconduct or because a member of the University community could reasonably believe that the employee has such authority.

    Responsible employees are mandatory reporters; they are not confidential resources. Generally, with the exception of the confidential resources discussed above, a University employee to whom a community member reports an incident of sexual misconduct is a mandatory reporter. This includes faculty members, teaching assistants, and most staff. A non-exhaustive list of mandatory reporters is contained in the Appendix at the end of this policy.

    Mandatory reporters are required to report possible violations of this policy to the Title IX Coordinator or the Title IX Office staff, including disclosures that occur in an academic setting or that are related to a pre-matriculation incident. Mandatory reporters must report names, if known, and all relevant details about the alleged sexual misconduct, so that the University can take steps to address the matter promptly, including identifying support resources, and resolve it fairly.

    Conversations with mandatory reporters are otherwise kept private to the extent possible.