Guide The Busy Girls Guide To Cake Decorating: The Fast, Simple Way to Impressive Cakes and Bakes

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Finally, the Weekend Wonders three- to four-hour projects are for when you've got a bit more time available in your schedule! In cake-decorating terms, all of the above are tiny amounts of time? We busy girls don't have the time or the patience to create those kinds of works of art but this book contains stunning projects that can be achieved in next to no time. In addition to the projects, Ruth talks you through all the equipment and ingredients you need, shows you how to line a cake tin, gives her tried-and-tested recipes for fruit cake, sponge cake and chocolate cake, as well as cupcake recipes, cookie recipes and frosting recipes.

She shows you how to pipe with royal icing and buttercream piping techniques, and how to cover a cake with marzipan, how to cover cakes and boards with sugarpaste, how to trim a cake board with ribbon, how to colour fondant to your desired shade, how to stack cakes using dowels, and some wonderful creative embellishment techniques. Ruth Clemens is a baker, cake decorator and very busy wife and mother. Completely self taught, Ruth's passion for baking and sugarcrafting shines through on her blog, The Pink Whisk.

She lives in Cheshire, UK. All the best x. That is really exciting! Good luck with the Launch.

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Hopefully see you there…. So excited for your book! The book looks gorgeous. Well congrats on your 1st book! Just had a sneaky peak on Amazon. Love the layout of the book, it will be added to my wish list! Best of luck with it. So looking forward to your book, looks fabulous, have fun at the show, would love to win so I could attend…. Really looking forward to your book for help. Had a sneaky peak on Anazon and it looks fab! Good luck with the book sales and at Cake International. Would love the opportunity to see you there.

Firstly congratulations on your book! Many congratulations Ruth! Really looking forward to getting lots of inspiration from your brilliant book! Have had your book on order for what seems like forever now, soooo excited for it to arrive. You must be so excited Ruth!! I cannot wait for my copy of your book to arrive. Hi, lots of exciting times ahead for u then, u really do deserve it, lots of luck with the book. Love the look of the book congratulations — love Sindy! Looking forward to reading it.

Plus I really like your blog the chocolate tray bake is a big winner in our house now.

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Oh well done Ruth. Hope it sells well. Good Luck. I would love to go to cake international after seeing and saying hi nervously lol at the good food show. Congratulations on your book! Well done!! Your book looks fantastic. And I would love a trip to Cake International for lots more inspiration! It looks fab.. Excellent blog, best of luck with it all x. Brilliant news about the book! How fabulous, well done!! Thank you xxxx. How exciting to be a published author, would love to see you at the show and will definitely be buying the book.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating

Good luck with both the book and the show x. Looking forward to creating well attempting to!! The book looks great! Would love to get a signed copy — at the show if I can!!! Book looks fab! Please put my name into the draw for the tickets, I would love to attend an event like that! Well done Ruth I know that All of your family are really proud of you especially hubby and the boys.

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I only started baking after watching you. I have never been to a baking show and would love the experience.

Well done on your first book! That was meant to say cookery shelf! Oo Ruth, this must be so exciting for you. Enjoy it all!! And I look fwd to having you peek at me from my already slightly full recipe book shelf! Dont know if i commented in the right place earlier, so just to make sure i did — So excited for this book, have ordered my signed copy! Hoping to win some tickets, would be great to meet such an inspirational person. Congratulations on the book! My sneaky peek on amazon has confirmed that it looks fab. Its my birthday the day after it comes out and it is firmly on my list and many hints have been dropped!

All the best. You deserve success for all your hard work.

Regards Janet, London. Good luck with everything, its FAB!! So happy to hear that the book is soon to be out — what a fantastic achievement.

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So looking forward to your book, ultimately it is always the presentation that lets my baking down whereas the taste is always there! And thanks for the tip off for Cake International; never heard of it before but will be looking into going now! All the best for the book x. Wow that has come around fast. Good luck with the signings Ruth Xx.

Incredibly excited for you with this book, and of course incredibly excited to get my hands on a copy! Wow, this book looks super fantastic! The best of luck for the success of your book debut! I will be getting all my baking friends to buy it too! The book looks wonderful! You must be soooo proud! Congratulations and hope it hits the best-seller list!

Good Luck, you have done so well. Well done, your book looks wonderful, easy to follow and full of those little tips that make your website so user friendly.

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Good luck in London, you will be wonderful.